I am told I was around long before I was born.

How is that possible you say?

Well my Mum had a dream long ago when she was about 10 years old about having a Weiner Dog whose name was Henri. In this dream she envisioned rolling her Weiner Dog up like a tire and rolling him down the street. She doesn’t remember much more of the dream and has no idea why she had the dream. There were no Weiner Dogs in her life then or ever – until me!

So many, many moons later, Mum and my 10 year old sister Caitlin were at Fishworld – a store they frequented often since Caitlin was seriously into fish & geckos.

Geckos playing dead!

Well, one day when they went, there I was in a playpen with my brother. We was about 2 months old.

We of course were so cute and they cuddled us and Mum remembered her dream and named me Henri and my brother Hank. They started going to Fishworld every day but just to see us. I was the favorite. They took me for walks. Eventually they brought my Dad who agreed that I was very cute, but there was no way ever that we were getting another dog. They already had Bear who is a Border Collie/Kelpi mix. “AND CERTAINLY NOT A WEINER DOG”, my Dad said.

Luckily for me Mum and Caitlin had fallen in love with me and they tortured Dad. Caitlin made up songs about me. They begged, they pleaded, they promised the moon, but Dad was having none. It got to the point that he would wait in the car while Mum and Caitlin visited and then came back and gushed about how cute I was. I gave them my best stuff!

Eventually Dad was out numbered & out played and he gave in!!!!!

Mum and Sis were so happy and so began my life of being Henri!

If you have a story about how you were named, I’d love to hear about it!
Hi Henri, you're so lucky that Dad finally gave up! How is he treating you now? I hope he fell in love with you too. Emotion: wink I'm asking this because it took a while before I made our Dad find me adorable and irresistible. Maybe a couple of months. It was hard work!! The story behind my name is simple - my humans didn't have much fantasy and imagination and simply chose a common Russian name for breedless cats - Barsik. I won't interrupt your strory with endless ranting about myself (though I could if you want me to, ha ha) but you can read more about me here:


Meows! = ^ . ^ =