Hi everyone,
How do you identify the gender or turtles/terrapins/sliders when they are really young? eg: Hatchlings? Or maybe a few months old.

Let's take for instance, Red eared sliders
RES's gender characteristics can be only be seen when they are much much older.
When purchasing young RES, how do we identify it's gender?

Some folks told me that their gender can be identified by looking at the "patterns" on the underside of the body. ?
Please advise.
Thanks and Regards,
Reason is because I prefer to purchase as a pair. But I do not want to purchase male/male or female/female.
I want to purchase Male/Female. =)
AFAIK there is no way to do it.
I gotta pray hard with my lucky picks then.
or maybe I shall buy half of dozen of them. So hoping that I will get at least one male?
(I cant be so unlucky to pick all females/all males ?)
You could be exactly that unlucky, depending on how the eggs were incubated. RES and many other turtles have temperature dependent sex determination. Their gender is dependent on the temperature at which the eggs were incubated. If the eggs were incubated in the wild, your odds are probably even (although think of the havoc that a few degrees of global warming could cause there), if the eggs were incubated by a person you could possibly be picking from a single-sex clutch of turtles. Odds of that actually happening are slim unless the person has an incredibly good incubator that maintains really steady temps in just the wrong range. But I've no idea precisely how unlucky you are, so thought I'd give you fair warning.
So it depends on temperature.
OH well..I hope i dont have a bunch of homo RES.. =p