Hi guys! Many of you have both cats and dogs (and even budgies) as far as I know, so I'm wondering - how did you introduce them to each other in the beginning? Did they get on well at once or it took some time?
when we got lazlo, it was a little difficult. stitch had been living as a single pet for 4 years and while he has been exposed to other dogs, he had never met a cat. Lazlo was a baby (3 months!) stitch did really well though. we brought lazlo in and left him in his carrier.after stitch was calm we let him stiff the cage. This worked well until lazlo hissed, then swiped his paw at stitch. Stitch reacted very well though. He yipped and backed off...which was not a reaction we were expecting (its his home and someone was invading - we were expecting a brawl!) After they were both calm once again we let lazlo explore on his own. We kept him confined to one room for a few days and slowly integrated them together. Stitch still had total bed priviledges, and we made sure to give him a lot of praise for sniffing the kitty nicely. For awhile they were just indifferent to one another, although stitch liked to sniff at him. After some time they became pals. Now they snuggle and get lonely without one another!