I am planning to adopt a 3 year old cat from the cat shelter here. She has always been an indoor/outdoor cat and we'd like to continue that.

I always thought the minimum time a cat should stay in a new house is about a week, maybe two, before we let her out. But can anyone confirm on the actual time needed? We obviously want to have her settled in properly so she does not run away.
When we moved house we kept our cat in for a couple of weeks and then let her out with a watchful eye. We made sure to let her out just before feeding time so then she has a good reason to come back in Emotion: wink
That's a great idea, I would have never thought of it! I'll make sure to keep her hungry, now I'm feeling much better.
What about a leash, would that be a good start to get her accommodated around our area?
My cats have always been indoor cats. When I lived in a flat with a garden for a few months, I put them on a leash and took them outside for a little bit. They would hate the leash once I put it on, but the second I opened the door they got distracted and went outside without noticing the leash. If you feel more comfortable with this idea, definitely go for it I'd say.
Thank you for the advice Emotion: smile I shall keep you posted on how it went if you like.