Hi everyone! I got a new kitten a month ago and so far I've been with him every day. Now I found a job that requires me to be out of home every second day for 7 hours. I'm not sure how to handle this so my kitten doesn't feel abandoned. Has anyone been in the same situation? My little friend is 6 and a half months old.
Do you mean every other day for seven hours? I believe he should be OK. When Malta (my cat) was a baby I had to leave her alone sometimes and she didn't like it at first, but soon got used to it. Cats are independent creatures and they do pretty well on their own. The other option is to get another kitten. This way they will keep each other company when you are gone.
I mean I'll have to be 1 day at home and next day I'll have to be out for 7 hours in a row. This is going to be my schedule for half a year at least, then I don't know. Thanks for your reply! I feel more comfortable now. Emotion: smile
It will be a long time for your cat, those 7 hours. I would get him a companion if you can (: