Since you're all experts here, I was wondering how long cats lived.

And, when is a cat considered to be an adult? [:^)]
From what I learnt ages ago, a cat lives up to 20-21 years, which is equal to 100 human years. Thus, if your cat is 10 years old, it would be 50 years old as a human. In average cats live about 13-15 years. (Wow, my Barsik is turning 15 this year!! Still full of energy, though, hehe.)
But living age also depends on breed and conditions under which a cat lives. If it is an indoor cat, chances that it will live longer grow up. An outdoor cat may die earlier because of traffic accidents, fighting with other cats, diseases, etc.
Once we had a cat , she lived with us for atleast 2 years and one day she went away Emotion: sad
my cats loca and flocko both just turned 16 yrs. old. it makes me very sad to think they only have a few yrs. left