Hey everybody,

About 10 years ago, when I was a child and used to spend summer in a village, I had a she-friend there. She had a female German Shepherd puppy named Ada. I loved to be with them both; we had walks, played, enjoyed the nature, and so on. Playing fetch was one of our favourite time spending, hehe. But when the summer was over, I had to return to the city, so did my friend. When I was back to the village the next summer, I was a little bit afraid to come to my friend's house because the puppy had grown up, and I didn't have any idea whether Ada remembered me and how she would "greet" me (usually she barked at strangers). To my surprise, as soon as Ada saw me, she started to wave her tail, sniff me all around, lick my hands, yelp a little and show all other signs of happiness. That WAS astonishing because I didn't expect her to recognize me! Well, I knew too little about dogs' memory. Emotion: smile This warm greeting repeated every summer. Apparently, I became Ada's childhood friend.

So, how long is a dog's memory span? Some people say that it is as long as the dog lives unless it gets senile. Some say dogs can remember their former owners they have not seen up to 8 years. In my case, Ada remembered me throughout her life even though I was not her owner, we just used to play together. 

What is your experience of having or meeting dogs that remembered you all their life?
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Hey Anne,

I can't say I am a dog expert but I think she will forget about the gloomy past gradually, provided that she gets much love and care now. I'm not sure that the sad memories will be completely "blocked out" but I do believe that she can still become a lovely dog. After all, it's pretty much like an adopted child: with due care and love, he will try to learn how to trust people again inspite of everything he had to go through.
Casar Milan pretty much proved that dogs get over stuff very very quickly. They apparently don't retain personal issues like we do - only appearing to so when we continually support / reinforce it in them.
hi about this reply most dogs have a triggered memory so if they recognise facial detail body parts even personalty and smell(stinky lol) they will remember you Emotion: smile Emotion: poolpartyEmotion: emo -random emo
i had 2 dogs and they ran away.but one day i was walking and saw two dogs just like them but older.so i called them the names i had chosen for them. they responded like they rememberd me. they ran away about a year before this happend.i wanted to take them home but they where in a yard of a house. i still miss them:(
I have a border collie who is advanced obedience trained and is a delta society reqistered therapy dog. I can attest to the fact that dogs' long term memories are excellent, just like ours. His vocabulary is huge as well as his recognition of people he hasn't seen in a long time, including since puppyhood.
well am planning to get a shepherd and i am only gonna stay with it for 2months, then am going back to school and am going for tow months too so i dont knw if my dog would remember me wen am back. but from wat i have read i thnk it would
Thank u for that. I was afraid that my dog I just got wouldnt remember me because I left for Maine for 3 weeks. This makes me feel better and I know believe my dog will remembered me thx again!!!!
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Well, we had to relocate ands it's been 2 years and my kids were 9, 4' and , a 4 months boy now 11, 6 & 2. We use to be outside with Hunter a German Shepard pup and we left him behind as a1 year dog that we had gotten since he was a puppy. I've finally landEd on a stable place and I'd promise them as soon we had our own home we would get a new puppy, but come to find out they want Hunter back. My sister has him but feel like that was a mistake due her home has not been the best for Hunter. I really want him too, but afraid he might do something and will not recognized us an family. We really want him if it is safe for our kids. Please advise if it would be a good move as a father.

My dad had gotten a puppy on Father's Day one year. I got to hold her for about half an hour. I didn't see her for over a year and when I saw her again she remembered me. She was sniffing me and licked me. She also grabbed my wrist gently to let me know she wanted to go outside. I've dog sat for my parents a couple of times over the past 4 years and this dog has decided that I am her human.
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