Hey everybody,

About 10 years ago, when I was a child and used to spend summer in a village, I had a she-friend there. She had a female German Shepherd puppy named Ada. I loved to be with them both; we had walks, played, enjoyed the nature, and so on. Playing fetch was one of our favourite time spending, hehe. But when the summer was over, I had to return to the city, so did my friend. When I was back to the village the next summer, I was a little bit afraid to come to my friend's house because the puppy had grown up, and I didn't have any idea whether Ada remembered me and how she would "greet" me (usually she barked at strangers). To my surprise, as soon as Ada saw me, she started to wave her tail, sniff me all around, lick my hands, yelp a little and show all other signs of happiness. That WAS astonishing because I didn't expect her to recognize me! Well, I knew too little about dogs' memory. Emotion: smile This warm greeting repeated every summer. Apparently, I became Ada's childhood friend.

So, how long is a dog's memory span? Some people say that it is as long as the dog lives unless it gets senile. Some say dogs can remember their former owners they have not seen up to 8 years. In my case, Ada remembered me throughout her life even though I was not her owner, we just used to play together. 

What is your experience of having or meeting dogs that remembered you all their life?
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I once had a shepherd, he got lost for like three months, but one day he just showed up at the door. So I suspected he had been held somewhere and eventually got a chance to escape. I think a dog's memory can span for a long time.
I am.in the same situation I left my dog with someone it was almost 2 years ago..I just got a call that he is in an animal.shelwter and I am trying to get him back ..I hope he remembers me

We left for 3-4 years... but the doberman knew me instantly, put his paws on my shoulders and wagged all over! He was so happy. It was totally obvious he knew me instantly. At first he started slowly stalking me, and it made me nervous, so I said his name: instantly his whole demeanor was - -- total recognition. What an amazing memory!