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Ok. So I obviously missed some important stuff while I ... how did you get up the nerve to take them?

Well, Chloe has discovered she has a split personality. One persona is terrified of snakes, the other loves them. When it is time to handle her snakes, she tries to kick one persona out and switch to the other one.

You could be right about that one Emotion: big smile
Hmm. No. How about She got bit by a taipan and suffered no ill effects. Now, thinking she is invulnerable, she fears no snake whatsoever. Just wait 'til she gets her new fer-de-lances. :-)

All right, I'll stop. I don't remember the exact details, but she worked on overcoming her fear of handling her ... sent overseas, but I believe one was given to her for doing them this favor. How's that, Chloe? Pretty close?

You have a good memory, I'm impressed! Emotion: wink
I can hardly believe that just 6 months ago my hands used to tremble and go sweaty at the thought of getting that tiny little hoggie out of his cage!!! Mind you he's always hated me and still does LOL!

Wow Chloe. I'm impressed. You really have come a long way. Congratulations!