Hello can anyone pls suggest cat dry and wet food brands that contain the highest percentage of natural meat in them? Is it possible to find food containing 80-90% of meat? Thank you in advance.
if you want that much meat why not feed natural pure meat? i don't think any manufacturers put that much meat in cat or dog food, at least i don't know any.
I second Styba's post. I don't think it's possible to find retail food like that. The producers always look for ways to make manufacture cheaper and putting that much meat in the food is not the cheapest way as far as I can judge.
Usually meat is only 15% in manufactured food, and many people question the quality of that meat. You can often come across meat "by-products" in the ingredient list, and these should be avoided. But even if you buy cat food without by-products, it doesn't necessarily mean it's real meat in there. Manufacturers will often use meat meals instead. Meat meal is meat with the water removed to make production and storage easier. Real meat would require significant amounts of freezer space, which most pet food plants do not have. Since meat water is removed, a lot of nutrients are removed too. Even if there was a brand containing 90% meat, giving your cat a piece of raw unprocessed meat would value much more! But remember to freeze it for several hours and then defrost before giving it to your cat.