I am new here, and perhaps this should be my intro letter.

I was now living in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman with my wife, a parrot and two kitties. I guess without those kitties, I would not have wrote here.

This was a letter that I wrote elsewhere a while back, but that was not in a cat forum. Then a few days ago , I thought perhaps I should join a cat forum where folks there might be more understanding as they have kitties too. So here I am.

I copied that letter into my livejournal, explaining why I was in the office in flipflops that day.
But in truth, it was on "How my kitty tried to kill me"

Warmest regards

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I must confess that Basik has tried to 'kill' me and my parents too many times. Emotion: giggle He still keeps on trying to do it every time someone's walking in a corridor, especially when it's dark there. I always tell him that he breaks the highway code because he loves to 'unintentionally' walk just across your way when you least expect it and when there's no obvious necessity to do it. Sometimes you nearly lose your balance to stop in time, and sometimes you can't escape the collision and kick him slightly. As a true cat, he plays the 'innocent creature that's been hurt' then, and purrs contently when you get him on lap to comfort him lol. So cunning!
I know my beasties looked like kitties.

They even meowed like kitties and walked about on 4 paws like kitties with tails that swing back and forth.

I was not fooled, and I urged you all not to be fooled by what you see.

I have good reasons to suspect that they were aliens from outer space. On Earth disquised as kitties. Their attempts on my life have been deliberate, very deliberate , like the attempts of your own kitties on your life.

I was afraid of them , so afraid. I even activated password protection on my home laptop to prevent them from using the Internet.

I must warn all not to be fooled by your kitty.

Be afraid of them, be very very afraid!
a cat would be a fantastic assisin wouldnt it? always trying to kill us and after trying our best not to we always forgive them Emotion: big smile
shanlungI have good reasons to suspect that they were aliens from outer space.
Perhaps this is why cats were worshipped as Gods in the ancient Egypt? Emotion: nodding
kittehlewis , Lauren & friends ,

I am placed on Earth with a purpose and destiny. Problem is I have no idea what that purpose or destiny will be.

But regardless, that Katie tried to kill me offended heaven which might prevent me from my destiny.
And Karmic retribution followed on Katie as related in

Karmic retribution on Katie

And since she continued in trying to kill me, yet another karmic retribution fell onto her

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Katie was lucky but her nine lives were shortened by those heavenly ordained retributions for her dastardly misdeeds on me.