So as I wrote earlier I had got my Furminator yesterday. Emotion: smile I have a question to all those who use it. How often do you do that and do your cats enjoy that? Alfinnlay has told me once every three weeks is good but looking at my Miky I get the feeling I'll need do more. Emotion: big smile
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I honestly wouldn't do that. You'll create bald spots, I've seen many, many people overdo it. As I was saying in the summer though maybe a little more but I wouldn't go too far with it, unless you're looking for furless cat! Emotion: rofl
Lol okay I will remember about that. Emotion: big smile
Interesting. I know people that brush their cats with furminator approx 1-2 times per week to create no bald spots. Is there some trick? (I don't have that tool)
depends on which furminator they use, there are many different kinds with different types of razors in them.
i dont use that thing... i was told it shreds the fur!
It does not do that! I've never had a problem with mine. Maybe the knock offs do that because they aren't a quality product. But mine works wonderful and I wouldn't do without it.
My new Furminator doesn't shred Miky's hair either!! In pet store I was told you need to replace the blade when it gets blunt so maybe it shreds if it's not been replaced in time.
that makes sense, it has to be replaced with any sharp blade you'd use for anything.
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