how often should i feed my staffordshire bull terrier who is one and a half years old now? what is your best advice?
Hi Anon

Well, it all depends on what you actually feed your dog.

Is it tinned food, dried food, vegetables, pure meat?
i give him pure meat and vegetables. but how do i know if i give him enough? he asks for it even when it's not meal time. now i feed him twice a day.
When feeding this sort of dog, the amount of food would depend upon many factors including the sex of the dog; the age; the activity level; stress levels; medical history; the generel weight of the dog and other dietary factors.

At the end of the day you know you are feeding him right if he is in good condition. For instance note if his coat shines, if his motions are firm and if his eyes look bright. If he seems happy, contend and isn't prone to beeing 'lazy' throughout the day - you're probably feeding him enough.

A grown staffordshire bull terrier can easily eat somewhere between 400 and 500 grams of food every day. (Again - less if your dog is smaller than average, more if your dog is larger than average.)

Try feeding him one really large meal every day, instead of 2 smaller ones. One of the reasons he's begging for food, could be that he's confused on when he will be fed, because it occurs more than once a day.

Best of luck to you