For a cat that is old (17yr) how often should he poop? Is once in 3 days OK?
NO!!!!! They need to poop every day, same as always. 3 days is majorly constipated. Please call the vet.
Hi, thanks. But I've heard older cats often poop less, isn't that sort of normal in their age? Just like in people. How can I make him poop more often if his intestine isn't working like bfore?
Older cats tend to poop less but it doesn't mean you should just watch it. If you can do something to help improve their stool, do it. The number one thing to consider is to stop feeding your cat dry food.
If your cat is still playful in old age try to play with it as much as possible because movement improves bowel function. Add more water, fiber and oils to its diet. The good sources of fiber are bran, ground psyllium seeds, and vegetables such as cooked pumpkin. Make sure you don't use slumping cat litters as they can accumulate in the cat's guts.

I have a 13 yr old male indoor cat I recently took him into a vet for a complete blood work test and urinary test Results were he apparently has a minor urinary tract infection and was given an antibiotic (pill form) which did not agree with him so he was given an injection instead Also I was told he had very early stages (according to blood tests) of kidney disease So I was recommended to change his diet to a kidney care food (Hills) all was well but when the antibiotic wore off 2 weeks later he started to throw up every time he ate the dry food Vet determined the dry was too strong for his belly changed his dry to a gastrointestinal dry food and wet Hills kidney care I fed him only the wet after a couple days of his peeking not stablizing as suggested by vet He has had a very small bowel movement yesterday early morning but has not had one since it's been over a 24 hour period and has consumed 3 cans of 3ounce of the wet food during this period I'm concerned as he has also reduced his water intake I've been monitoring his litter box and have scooped it each time he has done his business and only scooped out his urine disposal at 6:30 this morning and it's now almost 11 am he has already ate a 3 ounce can of his wet food today so far Should I be concerned at this point or be more patient through the rest of the day? What advice can you share at this time ? He seems fine otherwise not showing symptoms of stress or strain!! Please help with your advise

I'm stressed my cat doesn't seem to be Also he has always been an indoor cat

Thank you


Ask yourself if you'd think it was ok if an elderly person pooped only once every three days. So no, it's not ok. Get him to a vet. He needs to be comfortable just like you. Constipation is very unpleasant. Your vet can help him get 'unblocked', and then get more regular. Do that for him.

An adult cat poops thrice daily on an average. Your cat maybe get symptoms of constipation. See here for more detail https://herekitt.com/how-often-should-a-cat-poop /

My cat always pooped once a day for years, she is 17 years old and is now pooping up to 3 times a day is this normal?