how often should a miniature pinscher poop? he does his business once every two days even though i take him out several times a day. his poop isn't too hard and he doesn't seem to struggle. is this pooping 'schedule' normal? he's on canned food
It depends on what food you're feeding him. The healthier the food, the less dogs need to poop. If he seems comfortable and is a happy dog, I'd say that's ok then. However I'm totally not a professional so don't rely on me and get a vet's opinion.
Ir does depend the food your food your giving him. Stick with the same food or it will nake him have number3. And if that doesn't work see a vet. But does work for my .

my dog does not want to ever go out side and sit outside with my family. All it wants to do is go inside and go to sleep. last year my dog would go outside with us and not be on a leach. Now this year he does not want to go outside and when we let him out he runs away. what can I do?