Ciao eveyone! I'm from Moscow and it's been very hot here for about 5 weeks, no rain, and things don't seem to get any better soon. It's 35 degrees C in the shadow almost every day. The peatbogs located in Moscow suburb began to burn and all the city is wrapped in smog&smoke. Emotion: ick!
I wonder how I can help my only cat to overcome this awful weather. She seems pretty well , though she is rather inactive and sleeping or lying almost all the day (I'd gladly do the same but for work). Is there anything I can do to make her feel better? What do you usually do when your cat or dog suffers from heat?
It's very, very hot here in the south of Spain also!
I think cats are very adaptable - mine likes being in a cool place, but she also goes and sits in the sun. Cats like warmth! And cats are always inactive and sleep a lot...:-)

What my cat really loves in summer is for me to stroke her with very, very wet hands! She ends up looking like a rat!! A lot of hair comes out at the same time, which helps her, I guess. Then she spends hours grooming herself.
I don't think you need to worry about your cat - leave plenty of water around for her and she'll find a place where she is comfortable.
Drinking plenty is crucial for yourself also - sorry about the fires! Good luck, Jonie
The best thing you can do is to make sure your cat always has plenty of fresh water available. If you have an air conditioner or fan, try keep it on when it gets very hot, and then close the windows if the air is smokier/hotter outside than it is in. On very hot days, I'll leave my cat with a couple bowls of water and also a big bowl of ice, which he likes to lick/play with -- when it melts, it provides a nice cold drink for kitty. I've also seen cats that keep cool by laying on cool damp towels on the floor, so that could be worth a try. Don't stress too much -- as long as he/she's got cool, fresh water available your furry friend should be fine.
Hey Anon! I live in Moscow too and have the same problem. I think the two anons above are absolutely right: the best thing we can do is to provide our cats with a lot of water. You can also stroke it with wet hands as it's been suggested (mine loves it!) or you can trim/shave your kitty if it is longhair. We did it a while back and he seems far happier now. Emotion: smile
What is the highest temperature cats can survive at?
AnonymousWhat is the highest temperature cats can survive at?
It depends on how long a cat is exposed to the temperature and on an individual cat's health. I've heard that cats can survive several hours at approximately 55°C or even more.
Wet mine down with even put them in fridge for 2 min don't shut door of course I just wait till they stop panting then I get him out he keeps trying to stay n there but I don't want to risk pneumonia. It's a pain all day ordeal but I love them as it seems u do as well