What is the best way to get plague and tartar off a dog's teeth? Do you have any suggestions or tips? I think my dog's teeth are yellow-ish but I have no idea what to start with. Another question: what is best food to prevent further plague? Thanks!
The best food is dry food I'd say, plus those bone-like dog treats for them to chew. I'd go to a vet to check if a dog's teeth need cleaning and to let the vet do it if necessary.
Getting rid of the plague will be quite difficult, but plaque can be kept under control Emotion: wink

Yes, as the above poster said, take him to your vet. He will do a proper cleaning and from then on you can take care of your dog's teeth at home. With special treats (ask your vet) and brushing! There is even tooth paste for dogs (do NOT use human toothpaste as it can upset his stomach).

Do some research on how to brush your dog's teeth as it is recommended to start this slowly so you don't stress the dog.

Let us know if you need more info.