My 5yr old son's begging for a cat and I don't mind but I can't stop thinking about how much time an animal in the house will need. Cat is not a dog so walking won't be necessary but I guess they still need exercise and lots of play time? The question is, how much time will we need to play with a cat so it doesn't ruin our house? Thanks in advance for your replies.
What you should do is make sure that this cat has a cat tree or tower to look outside and play on, some toys and usually play 10-15 minutes per day if you can or even more if you're able to. And yes, they still need exercise and play time but they are good at amusing themselves also.
It depends on whether you get an active or placid cat. Some need more playtime than others. Cat trees and interactive toys that don't require human presence should be available also. Like alfinnlay said cats do need attention but they can be good at amusing themselves when you're busy.