Hi all, is there a way to get a rabbit used to a harness? I'd like to walk him on leash but I'm not sure if he'll be OK with it and whether it's a right thing to do at all. Any ideas? I don't want to cause him stress.
Put the harness on your rabbit and let him go. He will probably jump around and behave like he's being attacked by something. Give him a minute to realise that it's not going to fall off, and it's also not going to hurt him. Then pick him up and soothe him. Let him know that he's still loved and you're not trying to hurt or upset him.

After he calms down, do the same thing with the leash. Attach it to the harness and let him jump around a bit. Pick him up, etc. When he calms down again, place him on the ground and put a bit of tension on the leash. He will probably freak out again, so just continue soothing him every time he does that.

After he's used to the feel of the leash and the bit of tension on it, you can try leading him around a bit. Work slowly and gently so you don't frighten him. He'll eventually get used to it and begin looking forward to having the harness put on because he'll know that he's going for a walk outside.
That is very smart