Hi there.

Let's go straight to the point. I was walking in the mountains and then I saw a shepherd and his sheeps comming. For some reason he used his two dogs to force me leave the area.

The dogs were not really "attacking" me, they were just walking with me, in a distance of 1 or 2 meters away from me. After about 200 meters the dogs stopped and went back to their owner (I guess he called them).

Now I want to know, let's assume I go to the mountains again and the same shepherd is there again... He indeed won't recognise me himself; because I was far away from him. But what will the reaction of the dogs be? I mean, will the dogs again begin chasing me on their own?

When will they forget me? They didn't have any special experience with me, just walking with me for about 200 meters...

And I'm pretty sure you are thinking what happened and why he ordered his dogs to chase me and what was going on there, etc. But please let me not explain.

I just don't want to go to the mountains with my friends and suddenly two big dogs begin chasing us and my friends ask "what is going on".

Thanks a lot
Hi everybody

Isn't anybody going to answer my question?

Thanks again
I think it depends on how "meaningful" the event was to the dogs. They have an excellent long-term memory span and, depending on how "threatened" their owner felt, they might remember you.
Hi there

Well, they didn't looked "threatened". They didn't bark at all. They just kept walking with me with a distance of 1 or 2 meters. When I ran fast, they followed me fast. When I stopped, they stopped too without any attempt to "force" me start walking or running.

Their tongues were out and they kept breathing fast, which I guess is the usual look of every dog... On the other hand, I didn't do anything against them. I just left the area peacefully.

Thanks again
The things is, it's not only the dogs that need to feel threatened. If the shepherd did, his dogs knew. They will of course protect their loved owner. So... Yes. Depends on quite a lot of things but I seriously don't believe they'll chase or remember you at all.