Dear all,
Please share you experience if you had a similar situation.
I've always had only female cats and they always knew the location of a toilet. Now we've moved to a new house, and its former owners had a male non-neutered cat that used several corners as his toilet place. I tried to wash it with special anti smell products but nothing helps. It doesn't even smell... it stinks!! If you have an idea what I can do, please share. Thanks in advance!
Hi anon,
Would you be able to make some refurbishing in the new house? To remove those parts of wall-papers / laminate flooring that have been affected by the odour? I'm not sure you could get rid of the smell completely but I'm sure it'd somehow help at least.
Yeah I agree, that can be very very difficult to get rid of, especially since it's been there for a long time.

A friend of mine used Peroxide once. But it's best not to use that on surfaces that can stain easily.
Ugh I can just imagine the frustration and smell!
i would avoid using bleach products as i hear cats love the smell of bleach i know my cat does and this may attract cats back to that spot but i dont know how true that is..could just be my cat. tea tree oil is a magical thing put some in a spray bottle with water and spray daily smells nice, has good deioderising properties and as its natural so less likey to harm cats like harsh cemicals can not to mention how cheap it is cats are also meant to not like the smell either so will stay away from those spots. but it is very unlikley the smell will ever 100% be gone even if you cant smell it animals still will.
One of my cats had an accident on the bed when he was younger and he returned to the spot a couple of times to "refresh" it. Even though I had washed all the bedding and thought I had gotten the smell out of the mattress casing, his feline olfactory powers could detect the odor. Another cat-owner suggested Nature's Miracle. I sprayed down the spot on the mattress and the bedcovers before I threw them into the wash. Since then, he stopped peeing on my mattress. Now the bottle is just sitting in the back of my cleaning supplies cabinet.

I got the orange-oxy stain and odor remover for my mattress, but for an entire house I would look into some of the other formulas.

The only downside I found is the strong citrus-y smell of the orange-oxy, but it goes away after a day or two if you just let the room air out. Not sure how the other products smell.