Hiya peeps, I have a cat who used to sleep with me in my bed. My new boyfriend doesn't like this habit so I promised him to keep the cat out at night. Tho now she scratches the door all night wants to come in, how do I stop her?
I got these things that are sticky pads you can get at Petsmart. Whiska City makes them. they are large double stick pads you put on the door and the cats HATE putting their paws on them. You should have seen my Finnegan the first time he touched it, LOL. too funny! Anyway, that's what I do, I just started it and it seems to help a lot! Otherwise they pound on my door all night.
OH GREAT I'll go to the shop tomorrow and see if I find it Emotion: muscle
here you go: http://reviews.petsmart.com/4830/11465513/whisker-city-whisker-city-cat-scratch-prevention-tape-r... . don't mind the reviews, it's working for me and it's cheap enough to just try it.
i tried it a year ago but it didn't work for me. my cat just doesn't seem to give a damn. g'luck to you.
Get rid of the boyfriend. He obviously can't accept you unconditionally with your little "Family".
Throw him out ! your kitty was there first , she will be more loyal and loving in the end my partner asked me to do the same and I said no , he got used to it and now we all sleep together , just remember she is yr best friend she doesn't judge u just gives u unconditional love
Statements that only lonely cat ladies would write lol!