Hi community. I've got a question. At the moment, we have 2 cats: Margo (2 years old Persian) and Masiania (6 years old Russian tabby). We brought Masiania yesterday, she'd been very friendly before but now she hisses at everyone. Margo is currently locked at the kitchen because we're afraid the two cats will fight. Has anyone come across such a situation? What can we do to befriend them as soon as possible? It looks like Margo doesn't mind bringing contact but Maisiania is stubborn, she hisses and attacks and doesn't seem to recognize me as an owner, even thought I had raised her up. I just haven't seen her for the past half a year because we moved.
- Andrew
its a tricky one this i feel for you. i dont think its a good idea to lock margo in a room,she was there first right? cats are very teritorial being locked up in your own territory is going to make that kitty angry! when ive had to deal with this in the past i will sit in the room and let my cat wounder freely while i or someone else sits with the new cat on my lap. this lets my cat explore the new cat in its own time and the new cat feels more secure being on my lap. it always help if you have toys and treats to hand so they associate each other with nice things. most of all remeber it takes time let them have it just keep an eye out for fighting so it can be stopped asap Emotion: smile
Hi Andrew, I agree with kittehlewi. Give the two felines some time, they will find everything out themselves. Just show that you still love them both and give them the same amount of attention so neither feels neglected. Don't try to "force" the contact by bringing one cat to another saying "Look what a nice new kitty!" - it may make everything worse. Let it be THEIR decision when and how to approach each other. And yeah, it was not a good idea to lock one of the cats... in fact, it can be done but only if the situation is really too tense.
I just didn't really understand who of the two is first, Margo or Masiania? You said the second one is new but that you had been her owner for a while. I'm a bit confused.