Hi everybody, my cat is in her first heat and she's my first cat. Does she need any special care during this period? Thanks for your attention. Emotion: smile
The best thing is to get her spayed - it will reduce her symptoms, prevent any unwanted kittens and you will find her heat behaviour likely very annoying, so win win for you both
There are contraceptives for cats and dogs, the most up to date may be suprelorin (deslorelin acetate), there are older ones, the old ones are steroidal, Suprelorin is used off lable in Europe for cats, can last nearly 3 years (implant under skin) in cats, 18 months in bitches, better than surgery . A friend lost a well loved cat with spaying. leave the Dark Ages and the neutering business astroturf . Google Suprelorin, ( said not to be used for first heat {research it} but you can always use the Q tip , cotton bud method to induce ovulation, and keep away from toms for four to five days after that! Some vets use ovarid but thats old science. Hope this enlightens some one.
Just get the cat spayed if you're not going to breed it. If it's not a pedigreed animal, you really have no reason to breed it. Get more cats if that's what you want--ones already here, who need homes. I would not want to mess around with a cat's body chemistry giving them contraceptives.