Hi, I am unable to introduce myself here.

I clicked "personal information", "pet information".....but useless. Emotion: crying
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What browser do you use, Dinosaur?
I use IE.

I could use other click, just not "introduce myself" and related clicks.Emotion: crying
Hi Dinosaur, sorry about that! Can you let us know which version of IE you're using so we can test it?
Emotion: cryingI dont know. I dont where where to see its version. But i guess it must be old one.

Nevermind, I might as well not introduce myself. Keep secret;)
Hmm I use Firefox so I recommend you either download it ( http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox / ) and see if it works then (because we'd love to have your introduction here!) or you can check the browser version of IE by clicking on the Help tab and then "About Internet Explorer".
OH no! but i introduced myself! not fair! u know me and i dont know u! [6]
hahaha!! its ok! just download chrome! its fast! u sure dont want to be outdated! Emotion: stick out tongue
Dinosaur, I've split this thread and moved your intro to the introduction section so now you have one Emotion: wink and this thread doesn't go offtopic. Emotion: stick out tongue
There's just one part of your post I'd like to leave here:
DinosaurI would never want to be outdated, but most of the time I am using company's pc. So it is inappropriate to install software that I wanted. Besides, some softwares used in your place may not be fit our computers.
That's a pity you can't install new software, but can you at least check the version of your IE as PunkyBrewster explained?
Ruslanacan you at least check the version of your IE as PunkyBrewster explained

I am sorry! I checked it yesterday but I forgot to tell you! It is IE6.0.Emotion: smile

And thank you for showing my introductionEmotion: gift
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