Hey all. We got a young belgian malinois recently. It's not really a puppy but nor is it a mature dog. A teenager, if I may say so. Emotion: wink My question is, how can I make him obey? What are main tips? I don't wanna my dog to grow up with a bad personality unused to humans. I never owned a dog before but it's always been my dream! I hope I'll become a good owner..
Well, Anon, if you want to become a good owner, I suggest that you make a good research on dog training, dog behaviour, dog care, etc. If owning a dog has always been your dream, I believe you have made some already, haven't you?

Anyway, training is generally thought to belong to carrot and stick policy. My own opinion, though, is that it's very important to use plenty of positive reinforcement such as encouragement, praise and reward (especially with young pups). It is never too early to start training, so start it as soon as the pup arrives. Concentrate on developing good and desirable habits and preventing undesirable and bad behavior. By the way, don't forget to have fun during your training lessons - the pup, as well as any other child, will understand a joyful game much better and thus will love training. In the beginning, make your lessons short; start with very easy commands. Be patient and realistic. Don't worry about mistakes because they are an inalienable part of any training. Just move on and try your best to bring them to naught.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that mutual respect is very importang in training. Trust is basically more fruitful than strict methods based on harsh corrections and punishment.

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It seems raising dogs and cats does have a lot in common. Well, perhaps this can also be said about any other children, hehe.