1. Food rewards

You can provide the foods to your pets as reward to encourage your pets dogs to finish
the action and behavior. Owners train the dog with some foods in his hands. After the
dogs finish the action, such as squatting、sitting、rushing、stopping and coming action,
you give the foods to your dogs. Which will let your dogs know that he will benefit from it
if he can obey the rules. So as to improve his ability. However, if your dogs are not
interested in the delicious foods, this training method does not work.

2. Mechanical method.

The training method combines the physical stimulation and pain training. You can pressure
your dogs by shaking dog leashesdog collarsdog harnesses , slapping slightly or petting
your dogs so as to make the dogs finish the action. The method are suitable for dogs
which have strong nervous system. Although you can make your dogs finish the training,
your dogs will reduce the trust to you due to the fear in their mind. Which will lead to
negative attitude to the training

3. comparing method

The training method combines above 2 methods. You rewards some foods to your pets
after you make them finish the action by some mandatory method. I think it is the regular
training method which can establish consolidate relationship between you and your dogs

4. Imitation exercise

Let the trained dogs and new dogs receive training together which will increase the
efficiency of training. The new dogs will learn faster by imitating action from his friends.
The method are often applied in the training of working dogs and hunting dogs.

5. The process of training

The common training process always begins from the east to hard step by step. The
gesture training are regarded as the first course which will increase the interest of your
pets to participate in the following training course and obey the command.
It is important to choose one place where there is not to noise to make your pets dogs to
focus on the training. Too many trainers are not a good for training dogs, because the
dogs will receive different commands from different trainers. When the dogs finish the
course, please pet the dogs or offer your praise.You should mix your command and
gesture together so as to make your dogs to understand your intention. Make sure that the
training should not last too long.

The article is from Aeman dog supplies http://www.petsdogcollars.com/article/20130411233435.htm

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