Hello, everybody! My Chihuahua is 1 year old, I've had him for about 6 months, and we moved from Mexico to Paris about 2 weeks ago. He's accustomed to the street but I want to train him to use a litter box because I'll not have time to walk him 3 times per day. Is this possible? I wonder since he is no longer a little puppy. Yesterday afternoon we didn't go out, I showed him the litter box and sprayed some water in it. He peed there when I was watching. I gave him a treat saying he was a good boy. But yesterday evening, when I came back from work late, I saw that he peed next to the litter box, and he still was pulling me to go out. Help me with advice please!
I think your Chi is already too adult to try to re-train it. Making him pee at home may break his personality. I'd really try to find time to walk him at least twice a day (before you go to work and after you've come back from work) if there is no other choice. But even if so, I'm afraid he will mope without you all day long.
I have a litter trained chihuahua! We just praised her and watched her. Every time she looked like she had to go, we placed her in the box and said "go potty!" and she would go! Then we just praised her and gave her some love. It really is very convenient and I think it could be a really great option for you!!

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