Is there a list of common human medicines that are known to be safe for dogs and therefore can be given to them without a vet consultation? Something against vomitting, diarrhea or allergy for instance.
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I don't think any of them are safe. Medicines are drugs and poisons you should be very careful with. I prefer to be on the safe side.
Absolutely not! How would you know the dosage?
I would know the dosage by common sense and starting with a small one if in doubt. Thanks for your replies. I still think there must be something.
Depending on the size of the dog, unless you have a proper scale at home, you might not be able to get the correct weight which you need to calculate the dose. Starting with a small dose as a guess could be a waste and no help at all.
Never, You should always consult a vet before giving anything to your dog. If there is just one ingredient that is toxic for dogs or your dog may be allergic to this could make him seriously sick. Please don't be stubborn and try things without a vet's consent I can assure you this will not end well this is definitely not something to play around with.
Honestly I do not trust vets. I had bad experience with a sick puppy who was given lots of medicines which didn't help but only damaged his liver and kidneys. He never fully recovered and died when he was 4. It happened when I was a kid so it damaged me forever. Since then I only go to vets in an emergency. I prefer my own judgement, knowledge, and natural remedies as long as it's not something serious but sometimes I do feel my dog needs a medicine. So I was just wondering if there's something commonly safe to give. Anyway I understand why you say so and partly I agree but I have very strong antipathy towards vets.

God bless.
I have heard homeopathy is safe but I have never tried it. The other members here know more about it. Perhaps you should look into it if you're not happy with the traditional medicine.
I also really don't like vets and will avoid going to them unless I really need to, but if you don't trust your vet you need to look for a different one that you do trust. Vets are not all the same some are old fashioned and to me give the impression like they don't have a clue what they're talking about but I did find a vet which I can trust and I feel like I get an answer to my questions. That being said the chances that human medicine will harm your dog are a lot higher then pet medicine will. And even if you insist on not going to a vet for it never trust your own judgment on this, sorry but the vet is the one who went to school for years to learn about this stuff they do know what they're talking about and honestly this is so dangerous that even things like sun screen can make them seriously ill. there are natural remedies for pets if they have allergies for example but more complicated things you should really talk to a vet (that you trust) about Emotion: smile
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