This is why I think children and pets should have a chance to interact. Emotion: wink

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Wowie I am falling more and more in love with Huskies! They are so smart!!
Though I'm not sure which I would prefer, a crying baby or a howling husky for hours? Emotion: wink
Yes, the Husky is a smart breed. Its origins go to severe Siberia where you cannot survive if you are not smart enough.
True! Let's just hope that by domesticating them we won't make them lose their intelligence...
Hehe I've made an article about Huskies, even two! Here we go:
Thanks, Ruslana! Great info. I even learnt some new interesting things about them. The other article about the Husky's peculiarities is very descriptive, too. I didn't know that men left it up to dogs to choose some roads. Well, that is wise!
hehe, this is awesome, I wonder if my Samoyed can do the same Emotion: big smile
Great... Husky rules!!
i think huskies are the most beautiful breed of dogs. i love their colouration and their muzzle in particular. the blue eyes are just something extraordinary... hehe if i didn't have cats i would for sure have a husky!
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