Heya peeps! I have a question about my dwarf hamster. In short, I think he's got a perpetuum mobile inside LOL! He's been living with me for 3 months and he's the most active hamster I've ever seen. He so often uses his running wheel and overall is very hyper running about the cage and looking for stuff to get busy with. Is that fine?? I'll appreaciate your thoughts very much!
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This is completely fine, hamsters are not mellow animals they are very active and keep themselves very busy all the time! there are different ways to calm him down like creating more things for him to do, hiding treats around the cage, getting him climbing and hiding places and of course letting him out of the cage where he can run and play in a closed and supervised area. keep him busy and entertained because bored hammy's can start chewing trying to run away and may turn to aggression towards you as well
That's good news! I was nearly thinking I got a sick or crazy hamster. Emotion: big smile What didn't let me worry too much is the fact sick hamsters are usually lethargic and this isn't my case for sure. But I wanted to get another opinion anyways. I think I should get him some tunnels soon.

Thanks for answering. Emotion: smile
well they can sometimes look very active all of a sudden because they don't want to show weakness but since you said you have him for three months and this is not something that suddenly started the last couple of days (meaning he was different before) I do not believe there is anything wrong with him Emotion: smile
And that's great I'm sure he will enjoy those tunnels, good luck Emotion: smile
I bought him tunnels this weekend and he looooves them! Emotion: big smile So fun to watch!
Glad to hear, I bet he does!! Emotion: smile
Hi just thought I'll give you an update. He's still hyper but I am already used to it. Emotion: big smile I bought him a bugger cage so he has more space to run about. The wheel and tunnels are still his fave entertainments.
Well even if he's still hyper its a great thing that he has a big cage now, staying in a small cage will usually make them frustrated so that's awesome for him Emotion: smile
I think it's probably good that he's active. But, if you really think it could be a problem, ask someone who has owned hamsters or has more experience with them. I own one know and she's been acting nuts lately for some reason. It could be a stroke, cancer, or even rabies(though rabies is ver uncommon). Try and ask around, observe your hamster, and research.
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