My little female cat is probably around 12 or 13 yo. She has always been a small 6 pound cat. In early December at her annual vaccination, she was down to 5 pounds 3 ounces, I had a blood panel done. T4 was 16, BUN and creatine were normal. She was started on
2.5 mg Tapazole twice per day. I had to leave town for 2 weeks nearChristmas and boarded her at a good facility. By then, her weight was up a to about 5 pounds 8 ounces so things seemed to be going well.

During boarding, everything went wrong. She wouldn't eat, then they found food she liked- but even so her weight declined sharply, by the time I picked her up she was down to 4 pounds 1 ounce. The vet did a urinalysis, it showed infection, so now she is on twice daily amoxycillin as well as the Tapazole. The specific gravity was 1.025, indicating probable kidney problems.
Now she is at home. She eats ravenously. I open cans of her favorite food 5 or 6 times a day and each time she eats with great enthusiasm. Her behavior and demeanor are completely normal. But she is horribly thin and seems unstable when jumping from one level to another. My plan is to feed her as much food as she will eat for a week, try to fatten her up and get her blood levels checked again.

What really worries me is that perhaps treating the hyperthyroid condition is unmasking a more serious kidney condition. But this boarding disaster may simply be due to stress (although she has boarded with no trouble quite often before) or infection (she has also been sneezing since getting home). Any ideas or experiences other people have had would be appreciated. Thank you.
You could have the BUN & creatinine tests run again, to check re: possibly unmasking CRF. I'd definitely bring her back for yet another vet check.


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Yes, I agree. But also maybe her tapazole dose is too low. Sometimes it takes a little adjusting before it's right and, if she does have kidney disease, too, it's a balancing act to keep the thyroid level at a point where it continues to mask the kidney disease but still keeps the hyper-t from being too pronounced.
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Yes, the meds may be too low for her needs. She definitely needs to have blood work done again.