It was suggested that I put Ozzy on a hypoallergenic diet to eliminate some health concerns. OK, I've heard of holistic food and grain free food, but now what is hypoallergenic? Is it another trick to get more clients or hypoallergenic cat food really exists?

I hope I can find it in our local stores if it exists. If don't manage to, I'm thinking about Evo turkey and chicken dry and wet, but I am not sure because neither turkey nor chicken would be novel protiens, so how could they be hypoallergenic?

I'm at a huge loss and I hope someone can help me.
This is exactly what my website is for. Hypoallergenic is basically doing an elimination diet. You need to try something like Nature's Variety and pick one protein only. Feed that for 12 weeks to see how your kitty does on that protein. Then move onto another protein. What health concerns are you both dealing with? I run a website for kitties with these disorders, I'd be happy to help. Take a deep breath, you came to the right place! Emotion: smile