I have several questions for you cat folks a little background first:6 years ago I adopted a stray I did not want to (I was previously adog person). The cat showed up pathetic and skinny and we were having an ice storm so I fed it and eventually gave it a place to live in the laundry room (we lived on a really busy street). The cat is unusally big and pretty my plan was to just feed it until i found an owner (YARITE you know how THAT goes!) it would bite my feet whenever I would do the laundry trying to get my attention etcetera.

Luckily I was always wearing footwear. My friend told me that it is definately a "calico" cat and therefore it HAD to be female. From the very beginning it has been ridiculously aggressive but once I decided it was mine I thought I would killit with kindness!! give it love love love to prove a point if to no one else to myself. (I was kind of dumb but my method did actually work to a point) I named her ginger (short for gingersnap) and sure enough ginger has always KIND OF liked me despite also biting and scratching me from time to time.

I always forgave her quickly and "self-diagnosed" her as having "affection aggression disorder". (you can be petting her and then BLAM! she bites ya!) I could never get ginger in a carrier so I have never had her innoculated for anything. (sorry but she has huge fangs and claws and the more I don't try to control her the better) anyway!! when I moved in with my fella he said I could keep ginger but not in the house (this was a relief because I did not want to get rid of her it was a neat compromise) I managed to get her into a carboard box to move her (not without alot of trepidation).

In her new neighborhood ginger terrorized everyone in their own yards!! I apologized to all the neighbors and the neighbors have accepted ginger's behavior pretty much (though she was always picking on neighbor cats even teeney ones in their own yard!!) Here is what brings me to today's post for about three weeks ginger has been different she hasn't been fighting and she has been sleeping alot. I thought this was GREAT! She also was always on the front porch but just a couple days ago it became plain that she was VERY hurt.

She could barely walk so I don't know how (maybe she knew it was best) but I put her in the box and took her to her first vet appointment. the vet found that ginger had a good sized bite on her leg and so he gave her five shots (all the ones cats are supposed to have plus an antiboitic) She handled all this well, came home sat quietly in the yard now here is the OTHER thing the doctor told me that ginger is a neutered male!!! bet you saw that coming eh??? That was yesterday today she er HE is REALLY mean even to me (her "mommy") I have been leaving him alone (well that's not hard given that he is hissing and growling even much more than usual) I just don't know what to think she oops he is sitting in the yard and i am of course just watching carefully and hoping this is healing time and my ginger will return to me (emotionally).

I used to be able to pick ginger up but not today!!! I am wondering if he has had this infection for a long time (and that is why he was sleeping more??) also no other cat have been able to best ginger! in four years this is the first injury recieved despite many encounters. right now I am scared to death of him and I think some of this has to do with learning the new gender!! when I thought it was a female I really felt very sorry for it now I realize it was a very very territorial male not a mixed up female and my whole feeling toward ginger has changed.

do you have any suggestions for me in how to feel confident (once again) in his midst? when it was a "girl" I felt I had her somewhat "tamed" and now I am just plum scared of him!! does he sense that do you think??? do you think I should still call him ginger??
Do you think he has had the infection for a really long time and that is why he was sleeping? do you think he'll get better and what do you think i should watch for now what would be the normal course of healing?
thank you so much for reading all this!!! anything you can offer is appreciated.
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Long post, but worth the read... Since you never took Ginger to the vet for shots, check up's or any castration, who can really say what could be the problem. It literally could be anything. Granted the bite on its leg doesn't help, who knows. I wouldn't be afraid of the cat one bit. It's not a tiger cub and it can only do so much damage. Remember, you (for the most part) control Ginger's life (i.e. feeding, care taking.). Regardless, the cat will come around when it wants.
This is what I mean by emotional trauma. An animal treated with violence will become violent. Definitively his previous owner was a jerk. Now the cat thinks all humans are alike. I´d diagnose him as borderline and that´s about the hardest thing to deal with in psychiatry. I had a cat just like that before. My sister had found her in the streets with half her tail missing and an abdominal hernia and brought her home. At the time she was about two or three months old.

I could not keep her indoors because she would bother and fight with my other cats all the time so I kept her outside. It came to a point where I no longer touched her because she would bite and scratch out of thin air. I just made sure she had water and food and a nice place to sleep. She was poisoned and died about three years ago. Emotion: sad I hope someone here has good advice as how to "cure" this cat if this is anywhere possible.
I have several questions for you cat folks a little background ... for reading all this!!! anything you can offer is appreciated.[/nq]Many, many years ago I had a male orange cat named Ginger. He was not neutered (didn't do it in those days). He was indoors/outdoors and a very good cat. He (unfortunately) developed an abcess from a bite of some kind and even though the Vet lanced and drained it, it just would not heal (before antibiotics). I suggest you use a spray bottle to spray your Ginger when he comes for your feet.

Of course he feels your fear animals do. You have to show him you are master. Cats don't like lous noises so when you say No - make it loud.Some cats are lap cats - some are not. My Ginger was not although he liked to be petted. Give him toys to play with to distract him from you. Read some bookds on cat training. Good luck.
I have several questions for you cat folks a little background first: 6 years ago I adopted a stray I did not ... busy street). The cat is unusally big and pretty my plan was to just feed it until i found an owner

As for the name, Ginger is fine. Don't go changing his name now. I think his behavior is ok for one day after the vet visit. There are all kinds of smells and stuff and he might be feeling hung over from the injections. Antibiotics make me feel funny sometimes too and he had lots of other stuff.
Give him the followup pills as scheduled and treat the wound as best you can. It is certainly likely that an infection would make him sleepy and sluggish. It does that to most of us I would think. Post a picture somewhere and let us see this beast.
thanks iso new problem today i am still scared of him he is hissing and more than likely he really does need a return trip to the vets. as you say maybe his problem is more than what seems so obvious (the bite) he is worse than he was when i took him to the vet he won't move. he hasn't eaten much i figured i would give him another day but i hardly want him out there in the pouring rain can you or someone tell me how to use a tarp method to contain him? i guess i should toss something over him to put him in a container (i really do not want to get bitten and believe me he weighs 17 pounds and has teeth 1/2 inch long so he DOES seem like a fierce animal when he is mad and he's mad !!) advise on capturing him ? he is not hungry enough to fall for the food in the back of a trap thing.
I have always had success using a heavy pool/beach towel. That particular type of towel is rather thick. You can use an old comforter from a bed, or any thick blanket or sheet that you really aren't using anymore to contain the cat. I wait until the cat is in a resting state, and then use the element of surprise to your advantage. Just throw the blanket or comforter over the cat when you are rather close. Then quickly wrap the cat up. If you are nervous about getting your hands bitten, you can use a pair of utility gloves that you may garden or do lawn work with.

Once you have its head and body covered with a towel or comforter, just grab the torso of the cat and wrap the blanket quickly around its torso so, its appendages are tied up (so it cannot scratch you). Then uncover his head, so he can breathe. Then the choice is yours regarding finding a box or cat carrier to put him in. You can even leave him wrapped in the blanket, as long as someone else drives to the vet. Of course, he's going to be loud and probably initially try to bite.

It may hiss, and scream, however this is just display of his disapproval of what is going on. He may also soil the blanket, so you may want to find something you really don't have a need for anymore. As long as you keep him in a cage, or completely wrapped in the towel you will be fine. Also, you will want to alert the vet to the situation of not having a people friendly cat. They will administer a sedative to calm him, so they can further evaluate the situation.

Good Luck!
First of all maybe Ginger was attacked by a dog or even a wild animal-rat, squirrel or something.
Many of your questions were good and if you read your own post you could see that some of them could best be answered by the vet.

I commend you for sticking by Ginger and I hope you can solve all his problems. Male cats can be very affectionate, you know. They don't have to be scary.

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Yes, I would still call him Ginger. Many cats feel ill from their shots for a couple of days. They have a reaction to them and if he got 5, he probably definltely is feeling under the weather. Sometimes it hurts at the injection site and they also can develop flu-like symptoms. He probably doesn't feel like being picked up now. Don't be afraid of him. Male cats are very sweet, often sweeter than females of that species. I'm sure he'll get back to normal soon. If not, you'll have to take him back to the vet. It's too bad he has to live outside as these injuries may keep happening...or worse.

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