Thanks for sending me this Ivi, this cat is great to watch! Make sure not to miss the box action after the 4th minute Emotion: big smile

LOL loved it all.. but the box sequence was the best Emotion: big smile that was adorable Emotion: smile
Haha he is so big and so lovely! I believe he was a charming kitten. Although all kittens are charming to me. Emotion: big smile The box part is awesome, I think I've seen it before too.
Looks like Maru is pretty popular over the net. Here's another video of him - he defo likes boxes of any size!

These are relly funny and cute. Thank you, girls. Emotion: big smile
Nice collection of great moments Emotion: smile video two is like a dream come true Emotion: big smile. the cat seems all stunned at the beginning.. wooow. what a big... Emotion: surprise... BOX!

Chubby cat but very active eh!!

thanks for sharing!! Emotion: big smile