I have a cold with all its 'pleasures' a running nose, cough, snots, and sneezing. I'm afraid to handle my hamster because I don't want to infect him. Can hamsters catch a cold from humans or I'm overreacting? Thank you.
hmm... i'm not a speciaslit but afaik hamsters can't catch human cold. of course you should refrain from kissing him or any other very close contact. all should be fine then i believe.
Yes your hamster can catch a cold from you. It's best to stay away from him while you are sick. If you need to give him food wash your hands well or have someone else do it. Don't handle him until you're OK.
oh wow i didn't know this, thanks for the info dropy! ^_^
I've always wanted to know this too but never got around to asking any body. Good to know!
Yes they can get a cold don't hold your hamster until all ur sym are gone and if you could get someone to feed and give water to your hamster that would be great but If not make sure you wash your hands well

Hi my hamster has a cold can it kill the hamster and can I catch the cold because I think I got my cold off my hamster

Thanks for your help

Yes they can my hamster has a cold and it is not very well don't go near your hamster with a cold try and get some one to feed and give them water