My gf just moved in with me and wants to get a kitten. Hank, my rabbit, stays in a cage in the house during winter. Will her kitten end up stressing my rabbit and stay bugging him in his cage?

This is Hank

Hank looks just like my Babbit!
I would think hard about getting another pet because you can't just give the cat back if it doesn't work out. You have a 50/50 chance of it working out, it all depends on the cats character.
hi hank i haven't kept rabbits and cats together but i'm sure that they can live in peace and as best buds as long as they're introduced properly and perhaps if you have a little luck. i'm sorry that i cant give you a more specific answer on what and how to do but have a look at these vids they show that everything is possible! in your case i think that if you take a small kitten and so he'll be raised with hank starting from a very young age it improves their chances to get on well ^_^

merry christmas and good luck!


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Usually if the rabbit is large enough, which hank looks to be, the cats will leave them alone. That's what mine do, and i have four, two of which are active hunters, one of which is scared of them! The other would prefer to snuggle them and lick them. Usually the rabbits don't mind.

Though the cats may not be interested in killing the rabbit( s) (especially if they are raised with a rabbit from a kitten in your case) They are a potential health risk for your rabbit( s). They can spread parasites like pinworms and tapeworms, also they can carry bacteria that can cause major health issues, even though the cats have no symptoms, nor does the bacteria affect them. One major bacteria is the pateurella multocida bacteria, this can cause Rhinitis (snuffles), or pneumonia in rabbits. Both of which are hard to cure and can potentially lead to the death of the rabbit.
I have had cats and rabbits together a lot and the only time I had an issue is when a bunny and a cat both had a litter at the same time and were suspicious of each other - got kinda heater a couple times, but luckily their litters were on opposite sides of the house and the two animals negotiated on a peace treaty with the living room as neutral ground. I think since your bunny is large and male, as long as you get a kitten you will be fine. An adult cat may have already decided that it does not like other furry animals and get territorial with your bunny though.