Is it fine to leave a domesticated cat alone for 2 weeks? Anything that needs to be done to make her stay easier? Anything bad that can possibly happen? (For example serious behavior changes when we're back etc.) Thank you.
2 weeks is a long time. Who will be feeding her? Hard to say if anything bad could happen, anything can always happen. Can she stay with a friend or relative? she may feel abandoned. If it were a couple of days maybe that would be okay but I don't know about two weeks.
I'm still trying to find someone who'd come and feed her. My original idea was to leave her 2 week dry food supply (since dry food doesn't spoil fast). But yes now I realize it's too cruel to leave her totally alone. I thought cats were quite independent for that though.
yes, that's the old school thinking. And I know that's how we were brought up to think of cats. But it's just not so. And I've learned that things like that really stress them out. They can develop fear of abandonment just like a dog can. If you can find someone you trust to actually let her stay with them, or stay at your house for two weeks, OR come in and feed but also play and just spend a little time with her, that's the best way to do it. Petsitters are very popular and I know many people who use them. You've got to make sure to find one that's experienced and you can trust though. I wish I had an easier answer for you but I thought I'd let you know the better ways to handle it before you go anywhere.
AndromedaXM7I thought cats were quite independent for that though.
I believe this is the case with stray and wild cats but domesticated cats are very used to human interaction and are somewhat more dependant on it. I agree with alfinnlay that you had better find someone she can stay with, or at least someone who can come over and feed/spend some time with her.
That's true Ruslana! I wasn't even thinking about feral or strays. But that's exactly it. They're completely used to fending for themselves and can catch their food. But you know they'll have a shorter life span also being outside.
Hi Andromeda,

I've heard of cats that were more or less fine when they were left alone while the others took it quite painfully and began to follow their owners everywhere once they were re-united. Whether your cat will feel abandoned or not depends on her temperament quite a lot. Nonetheless, it's never a bad idea to ask someone to take care of her.