I have a 2-year-old maltese puppy who is quite spoiled. He is rarely left alone in the house and loves our company. He used to wake up between 6 and 7am, which is perfect. However, he got worse...4am and now 1:30-2am (him going to bed around 12). I try to wait to let him cry but I still end up going to get him to bring him to my bed. I can't keep going to him because I lose sleep but hearing him cry just keeps me up at night.

What can we do to train him to get back into his sleeping routine? He sleeps in a large crate with a comfy bed and his waterbowl/training pad on the other side. He plays with me at night as well as his other toys but he misses me and can't get through the night until I get him. When I do get him, he's so hyper he doesn't even go to pee.
Have you tried putting something in with him that smells like you? A blanket or shirt or something.
I will try that, thank you.