Hi everyone, I don't know if this is a right place to post in, and if such topics are allowed at all, but please do not delete this message - my life depends on it =))) I want to become a vet but everyone around says it's VERY difficult and troublesome. In fact I don't really care if it's difficult or not because I love horses deeply and want to bind my life with them. But is horse vet a demanded profession nowadays? Please let me know what you think =)
Hi Anony,

When I was younger my biggest dream was always to become a vet. When I was old enough to take on that path I started off with an apprenticeship at a vet clinic.
I started off helping right away, I had to hold cats that got injections, clipping nails of rodents etc. And I have to say it was horrible, I quit after one week. Every time I saw an animal get stabbed with a needle or anything of the sort I felt really nauseous Emotion: sad I couldn't help myself, I really wanted to be there but my body wouldn't let me, so I had to stop my path...

So my advice is to find a clinic and ask them if you can help out for a while and see if it's REALLY what you want to do.

Good luck!
Hi Anon,
I think if you have a really strong desire to become a horse vet, you should go ahead and become one. This job is specific of course, because you'll have to deal with lots of animals that might not be feeling well, as Punkybrewster mentioned. But I don't think it's much more difficult than other jobs. Good specialists are always in demand, and I guess this is true for horse veterinarians as well.