Hello everyone!!
I have a male husky who is 6 months old. His name is Balto and he is my pride and joy. However he is very hard headed and spiteful. He only listens to me when he wants to. Even if i use treats and give him a command he wont do what i ask (even when he wants the treat) and sometimes he will act like he does not care about the treat and still ignore me. When we eat dinner i dont like him eating human food (I only want the best for him) but if we kick him out the dining area he will walk into the living room and pee or poop right in front of us. Sometimes he does it when there is nothing involved. We can be watching a movie and he will walk right in front of us and go. We try potty training him. Our pitbull jumps at the door when she needs to go out. He does too (whenever he feels like doing so). He also knows how to ring the bell to go out and again only when he feels like doing so. Most of the time he gives us no sign or anything and just goes. He howls and growls when he wants to and when we put him in the kennel he will whine and bang against it until we let him out. I have even tried ignoring it and leaving him in there until he calms down but even 3 hours later he does not until i just give up. I tried using a muzzle and he scratched his way through it. He loves chasing my cats and biting them no matter how many times i say no. One of my birds got out of the cage and he ripped his feathers like a toy (he is still alive and well)(thank god). He knows some commands but i feel i cannot move foward because when he does feel like doing them ill tell him to sit and he will sit and give me paw then other paw then jump then bark and so on. So i feel he does not really know his commands yet!! He loves jumping on people even when i tell him no. He will just ignore me. He bites our pitbull and shes older and does not like it. He even leaves marks on her. I fear if he keeps up they will fight one day. I can just go on and on with things that he does but there is no point. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have never wrote in one of these things but i am officially severly desperate. I am crying while writing this because i dont know what to do anymore!! I love him so much but maybe he doesnt love me and i dont know why.. i have tried EVERYTHING i possibly can. Ive ignored him, ive punished him in the kennel, ive given him no snacks, ive yelled and screamed, ive even hit him (which i know it is wrong but i am out of options). I have used bitter apple spray, the muzzle, grabbimg him by the collar and giving him a shake then looking in his eyes and saying no, explaining why its bad. I dont know what to do anymore. Im trying so hard and he just wont budge and when he does its just because he wants to be nice for the moment (i guess). He eats everything he wants from his food to the pitbulls food to the cats food to the birds food to the rabbits hay and poop if he can get to it. Im begging please someone help me. I feel if i give him up i will be abandoning him and hes my baby i wont do that to any of my babies just like i wouldnt do that to my kids if and when i have them. He just pooped on the floor and when i grabbed him by his collar and took him to the room i gave him a spank and he bit me really hard. Im still bleeding... thats why i just cant take it and i need help.. PLEASE WHAT DO I DO????
First off do not hit your dog for going to the bathroom in the house. He isn't potty trained, so this is not his fault. You need to take him out every hour until he learns. It may take a long time, but I did this with my puppy amd he has learned. When he eliminates outside praise him.

Secondly teach him the leave it command. I watch training positive youtube videos online, and they will teach you everything you need to know. In order to train your dog the leave it command do the following instructions.

1. Get treats, and have your dog in front of you. I want you to put the treat on the floor and cover it with your hand And say leave it. The dog will paw, bite, lick, and try his hardest to get the treat. When he finally stops, (encourage eye contact) praise him, and say yes. Then give him a different treat with your other hand. Do this step over and over again.

when he is ready I want you to toss a treat to the floor and tell him "leave it". If he leaves the treat treat him and give him praise. If he goes for the treat I want you to quickly cover it back up with your hand and start over.

He should learn to leave the treat.

The next thing I want you to do is teach your dog stay/wait. I highly HIGHLY reccommend looking up training positive on youtube and watching his videos. He will teach your stay, leave it, sit, down, and everything to have a well behaved dog.

Do not scream at your dog or shake your dog. This will lead to aggressive behavior.