To avoid ending up in every ones killfile I am unable to mention the name of the person I speak of so I will refer to him spelled incorrectly.
I am a Police Dog Handler here in Brisbane Australia and I need to track down the personal details of Gerri Howl the Poopy Vizard (you know who I mean I'm sure).
I need his correct name, not an alias, his residential street address and it would also be ideal if I could also get his date of birth. Those of you in law wnforcement will know what I am doing Emotion: smile

Given this persons and actions I am sure that any information supplied by the man himself would be misleading to say the least Emotion: smile

Please do not reply to this email on this list but rather reply to me privately on (Email Removed) . Information will be treated anonymously of course.
Grant "The Paw Man' Teeboon
Police Dog Handler - RAAF

26 yrs serviceICQ# 12854070
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To avoid ending up in every ones killfile

Too late.

Mark Shaw (And Baron) moc TOD liamg TA wahsnm == "I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members
of a weird religious cult." -Rita Rudner
I knew you'd start with the stall tactics. You said you'd do it Jerry, so go your hardest, tell everyone you can, stop stalling and just do what you said you would and could do.
And just in case you've forgotten..
Posted 21 Oct 05
Your last post was full of the usual accusations directed at me, so far you have accused me (a SGT Police Dog Handler with 26 yrs experience in the Royal Australian Air Force) of;
Criminal Misconduct,
Dog Abuse/ animal cruelty,
Missappropriation of government funds, and the list goes on.

Some of these offences are criminal offences and if found guilty the perpetrator could receive serious prison time.
So what are you going to do about it Jerry. Any normal person who could prove those things about a person is legally and morally bound to act upon that information. And if you are aware of these things happening and you fail to act upon that information then you too are guilty of a criminal offence, both in Australia and in the US.

So are you just going to threaten to inform the authorities or are you actually going to do what any normal, sane balanced human being would do and act upon these so called facts.
What I'm saying to you Jerry (in case you don't understand) is that if you want to prove that everything you have said is right and that the accusations you have made about me are valid then all you have to do is be a man of your word and follow through on your threats to 'tell the authorities'.
Hell Jerry I am pleading with you to do it. If you think you can prove even just one of the criminal accusations you have made against me then you have my permission to do what all the normal people on this list would consider the right thing..
However if you do not follow through with your threats to 'bring me to justice'.,,, then at least the readers of this list will know that;
1. You are indeed the *** wizard who is all talk and no action,
2. When you accuse people of being so called dog abusers that you aretoo gutless to do anything about them, which would make you complicit with them, or worse then them because you are allowing it to continue.
3. That you are unable to back up a single claim you make.. althoughyou attempt to convince people that you have conclusive proof.
4. That if you are unable to follow through with your threats andprove your accusations, then people will see that you are a fraud.

If however you do follow through with your threats and manage to make your complaints then that will be a win/win situation for me because that will achieve exactly the same result. I have nothing to lose because I have nothing to hide, because nothing you say has any credibility or factual basis.. maybe in your head it does, maybe on this list you can convince non-professionals that that your fantasy world is real..
So now it's all up to you Jerry..
1. Are you going to dodge the issue and start coming up with patheticexcuses why you can't do what you said you could do?
2. Are you going to try and back off gracefully by saying that thatyou have already discredited me? (a cop out for sure) (My moneys on this one folks Emotion: smile But even doing that would show that you did not do what you said you could do.
3. Are you a man or are you (as we all suspect) full of ***?

So don't avoid this Jerry... size this opportunity that I am handing you on a silver platter.. to walk away now would completely destroy your credibility with all the list readers.
If you do make a complaint, which I sincerely hope you do, I will know about it within 5 working days of that complaint hitting Australia.

So come on Jerry, take this opportunity to prove yourself and to discredit me. I dare you, I double dare you. Please Jerry do it.

Show all the people on this list what sort of amn you really are. Show them you are a man of principle and that when you make an accusation that it is factually based and legally provable. Show them that when you accuse someone of being a dog abuser, a murderer, a fraud that you can actually prove what you are saying. Show them you are a decent human being who takes morally correct actions to correct injustices,... and not just a lying piece of ***.
The balls in your court Jerry..
Grant waits to see what pathetic excuses Jerry makes up to fail to act.

Watch this space folks.. you are about to see Jerry dodge and weave and make all the excuses he can think of to avoid showing himself up for what he truly is.
Grant 'The Paw Man' Teeboon
Police Dog Handler - RAAF

26 yrs serviseICQ# 12854070
Regards, Grant 'The Paw Man' Teeboon Police Dog Handler - RAAF 26 yrs servise ICQ# 12854070

Sorry, anybody who insists on reposting TPW crap to multiple newsgroups gets plonked. Your dog experience is useless to me if you can only engage the idiots.
Grant you stirring the pot again?
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