Oh my god!

I LOVED [url=http://mysmelly.com/Archive/FromACatsPointOfView/chg/post.htm ]this[/url] thread!

Didn't want to post there because it would ruin it all so...girls, I want more stories! Emotion: stick out tongue
Emotion: big smile
I love that one too!

You can write something on behalf oh Hammy, will you? For example, how difficult it is to be a hamster but how cool it is to have a running wheel in your cage! Emotion: wink
I have too poor a fantasy to write like that, so I'll merely enjoy reading. Emotion: smile
Lol - I've got imagination but I'm not sure I'd be able to do that...but I'll try it out! Emotion: big smile

Droopy, if I try it out, you should as well!
How come I never noticed that thread before? That's wonderful! I'll participate there too when I have slightly more time.
Eeeh I had no idea! Ok I'll make it a point to sit Gizmo down so he'll post an update Emotion: bow
Looks like Bigotes came to mysmelly to introduce himself! Emotion: smile