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I'll trade you two irony meters for one hypocrisy meter.

you keep repeating that, as if doing so will magically make it true.

It is true, and you seem to think that simply by continually denying it will somehow make it untrue.
You and Johnny Cochran have at least that much in common.
To name just one, when you draw false "parallels."

how on earth is it disrespectful to object to something you've done to me?

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
Stop expecting to always be treated respectfully until you start treating others respectfully.

where you are concerned, that's what i thought i'd done.

Think again.
Besides, I'm not the only one here.

Handsome "Jack" Morrison
*gently remove the detonator to reply via e-mail
Q: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation. A: Why is top posting frowned upon?
Ok, so you were shy when little as well?