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She is probably bored... Don't return her to the shelter, sounds like she has been through enough! She probably doesn't know where she fits in! Has she got toys? Bones? Have she done obedience training? Perhaps take her to classes, get her brain stimulated a bit. Ignore her when she stares, if you respond she will thing it's the right thing to do Emotion: smile and to be honest if that's all she does is stare at you, that really isn't a problem and she doesn't deserve to be rehomed for that.
Dogs that stare are trying to communicate and read your actions. This poor dog probably is trying to figure out how to please you. It sounds to me that you don't want a dog and the poor dog doesn't understand what it has done to you. Might try a rescue organization. They will take the dog, place it in a foster home, and find a loving family for it.
Where are you and what kind of dog is it? I feel sorry for the dog and you are right, you shouldn't have one. I am a rescue and this dog sounds very adoptable.
You probably shouldn't have children either. They look to you for EVERYTHING and , like your dog, they stare at you too. For part of their lives you are their entire world ( you will always be the center if your dogs world too. ) if you try to re home a child - someone you just find "off-putting", they might suffer greatly from that kind of rejection and as they go from foster family to foster family and it doesn't work out , must be that the kid is just weird? Imagine feeling like your own family -who chose you -wishes you didn't exist . Resent you for tying them down , and wish you would die already. Of course dogs and children are not the same - but they do have emotions and will love their person even if rejected. I hope you were joking when you posted that - I am sorry if I cannot fathom what you are experiencing and actually using such detached language as if you were with out emotion. Please don't label your dog as weird or complain that he stares at you to much. Perhaps you shoulda tell someone that your dog has gone without love and been an inconvenience to you so that special care is taken placing her a real home where someone will have patience and time to help the dog adjust and accept something not present in life with you : love. Dogs who have been abused still end up being loving companions after being placed with someone who is aware that the adjustment might take time. You didn't abuse your dog- but being " disinterested" likely had impact.
Some people don't love dogs and just shouldn't have them. Dogs teach us about unconditional love and often bring out the best in a person. But not a requirement t to give it a try.
My 14 yr old dog is staring at me right now- looking at me with such love and devotion that I cry when I think of losing her. Might seem strange to you but dogs are members of our families and and we are connected to them. I am sorry that you don't have those feelings and many do not- but please don't blame your dog.
yeah, let someone that cares have the dog and dont have kids
Every dog annoys in some way or other, but out of affection we already grow on them, we get that patience automatically and happily do the service for them, just like we do with our mischievous kids. You seem toooo lazy, that's why u r like this.
this is very sad to know that you cant understand your pet.this is a shame...is she stares that means she is expecting love from you...but unfortunately you are not understanding that....if u cant handle her please give her to a NGO ....you nare not worth getting her love I guess...
you should keep dogs as pet only if u understand them and love them from your hear....

no offences
I agree, the dog simply is staring at you internally saying pet me, love me, pay attention to me. You should try taking the dog to a rescue group who will find someone to love her.
if you cant give love to the poor dog might as well give to a shelter.dogs are the most loyal and lovable pets. they will give their love unconditionally. so if you think you cant give it back find some who could do that for your angel.dogs have feelings too.
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