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I want to cry for this poor heartbroken lonely dog. I hope she is brought to a shelter and given to people who understand and love the joy a dog can bring into their home. They stare out of love. You can google that if you don't believe us.
i am able to get my labraweiler to look away when i say "WHAT". It started with his obsessive behavior towards food. the combo of having him lay down in his spot when the family is eating and staring when at his spot. what came about like what are u looking at. that is day after day then it just happened. we all laugh after he looks away cause its weird. then he gets mad cause we laugh at him.

I know she stares at you but you should cuddle her and love her. That's a sign which means she love's you.

You are a disgusting person

I have a dog she is two years old and still craves attention because of the fact she is two years old in human years she is fourteen in dog years but she still loves attention so give your dog attention

What an ignorant comment to make to this person! She was just being honest about the situation she is in. Her dog is clearly troubled and wasn't properly socialized when he was a puppy... We have had the same problem. We adopted a dog from a shelter when he was two and a half years old and he had major problems. We worked really hard to overcome them and some of the behaviours he just didn't shake. One of them was that no matter how much attention we gave him he continued to sit and stare at me. Two walks a day, play time, interaction and attention, training time... And still he would have no affection for us but would rather sit and stare. It was very unnerving and uncomfortable. This is nothing to do with selfishness on the part of the owner!.. This is something to do with bringing a dog into the home who had a s*** start in life and is now somewhat broken due to not being properly socialized when they are a puppy.

She has every right to feel the way she does! Unless you've had an over anxious, stressed out dog who doesn't know how to relax or be normal... And who just stares at you all the time without giving any of the so-called "unconditional dog love" people keep talking about... You won't understand. So you need to keep your trap zipped unless you have something constructive to say.

You're not a bad person. I am because I wish my dog would hurry up and pass on. I have and old, stinky beagle that smells to high heaven no matter how much I bathe and clean him. He's almost 13 and I'm ready for him to go to dog heaven! He's cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars to have surgeries done to fish stupid shit out of his stomach that he ate, his brain shuts off when he smells food, he's so goddam noisy, he whines all the time because his fat ass wants more food, and he pisses and shits everywhere because he can't control his bowels. I'm sooooo ready for him to go to sleep for good!

All of you haters who are shaming this poor person who has the honesty to express feeling trapped by a pet for whom he or she does not feel unconditional love need to mind your own business. First, having a dog and having kids is not at all, in any way, the same thing. It is you crazy dog fanatics who should never have children. Your toddler might throw a toy at your precious dog, and you would probably beat the child or break his little toddler arm. Not everyone wants a dog. Not every dog is affectionate and loving. Some dogs are really, really hard to like. That doesn’t mean no one wil ever like the dog, but the fact that this person and this dog have never bonded says nothing inherently negative about either the dog or the person.

I agreed to take my kids dog because I didn not want to see her go back to the shelter. Everyday I regret taking her. I will be happy when she finally passes.

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