I generally don't post stuff like this, but I couldn't help it this time. giggle

Source: I can haz cheezburger
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Hahaha terrific! I hope the gecko was not hurt though
ROTFL.. lil' loveable kitty Emotion: big smile
A nice one! Made me smile, eheh.
LOL - I love lolcats! (Discovered them not long ago)

Emotion: love
Really, CaRpE_dIeM? I've known them for quite a long time already. I cannot say I enjoy EVERY upload by them though.
Yep, Droopy!

I usually enjoy them all because they are cute, but I don't like the "aggressive" ones - Like the one with a cute kitten being aimed with a gun...)
By the way, the picture I'm talking about is a lolcat, isn't it?

(I'm starting to get confused...)
Hmm Ana, I am not sure! I mean, I don't know who originally created the picture, but I'll not be surprised if I find it on lolcats too. Emotion: wink (Now I took it from another site credited below the pic.)

By the way, this is a typical lolcat Emotion: big smile :

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