Hello! I have a pterinochilus chordatus, I've just come back home now and found the tank on the floor in an unbeliveable mess, the cover is thrown aside, the ground is all over the place (cats love to dig). Fortunately the spider is alive although he definitely went through a real stress!
Question: if he bit any of my cats, will the symptoms show up at once? So far (about 5 hours passed I guess) the cats have been totally fine, behaving like usual. Thanks.
afaik the pterinochilus chordatus has a strong venom so as long as your cats've been ok up to now he didn't bite them. but i may be wrong, haven't had spiders for over 15 years
Why don't you keep the tank in a place where the cats cannot reach it? I'm sure it could save you from a lot of headache, and probably save your pets' lives.