can somebody help me here my brothers iguana is being very lazy and is not moving very much and also his tail is very very skinny i wanted 2 know what is wrong with him and what to do to make him better someone please help me i dont want this iguana to die thanks
What is the cage size? Iguana size? What kind of lights do you have on him if any? What are you offering him to eat? What are the temps in his cage? Need to know more in oder to help. Check out this site
somebody please help me with my iguana its very skinny and it dosent move at all he got a 20 gallon tank hes about 12 inches long we feed him thing like carrots lettuce ect hes got a uv light but it is like burning him cause he looks real dark his skin in burnt and hes sheeding please help me somebody thanks
Dude, you need to get him to the vet like yesterday! The fact that he is dark and his tail is losing body mass is not good!! My husband and I professionally rescue igs at our own expense and the symptoms you are describing are not good. NO MORE lettuce!! Start giving him water with a syringe tube, cool and filtered. You can get the syringe tube free at your localpharmacy if you ask for it without the needle. If his urates are yellowish, start giving him a capsule's worth of dandelion, also alfalfa and marshmallow root help stimulate the appetite and help his kidney functions. Sprinkle the various capsules I mentioned above over his food, just pull the capsule apart. I get them pretty inexpensive at Wal-Mart or you should be able to find these at a local health food or vitamin store like GNC. His diet should be FRESH vegetables and fruits such as collards, with some dandelions or mustard greens or turnip greens.

Make sure the leaves are fresh with no discoloration or brownish or yellow spots, that's a mold. To this add some thinly sliced apple, thinly sliced zucchini, a type of melon like cantaloupe, fresh figs and some edible organic geraniums. Every now and then add some kale, swiss chard, or bokchoy to the collards salad. Collards are a MUST as they are high in natural calcium. No carrots, peas, green beans, lettuce of any kind, limas or spinach. (Only give an iguana a little fresh spinach when his constipated as it is a natural laxative.) He may be showing the early signs of kidney disease.

If the lower sides of his belly are swollen and firm and he winces or reacts, it's his kidneys. Start this now! I should know, I went thru it with Rushy. I have 7 igs, most of which are older than 6 years and some older than 10. Make sure his food is FRESH and done every day, give him water every day at least 2-4 tubes. Also start letting him soak in a clean tub with warm water for at 30mins. Keep an eye on him while he's in the tub. Make sure his enclosure is very clean.

Clean it out and hose it out if you have to then scrub it with some liquid dish detergent. Only use the black and white sheets of a newspaper to line the bottom of his tank. DO NOT use any litter shavings or substrate! It's made out of cedar or pine which is toxic to reptiles because of the pyrithrines! If you want him to stick around for a while longer, you'll do this trust me. I love my green children with all my heart and the 3-4 hours I give their maintenance daily is a very small price to pay.

Also check out Melissa Kaplan's website:
Good luck and let me know if I can help any further.