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do you give them any store bought bones/chewies? if so, what are some that you have good experiences with?

They have rubber toys, latex toys, and some rope bones that are carefully watched. I sometimes buy them some sort ... puppy though. And they have and like Nylabones (and Rudy is a chewing fool and loves them). No ingestible chewies.

I see. Maui never likes rubber or latex toys (he loves stuffed toys). Cali likes latex/rubber toys though so the ones I bought for Maui are finally getting used. I am kind of having a tough time with Cali's chewing/teething because she destroys almost everything. I had no idea her little teeth could be so destructive!
My dogs don't ever get them because of the incredibly ... before you've lost any chance of making the math work.

the heck with protein content, it's the cost that brings me up short. if i'm going to buy something that pricey, i'll splurge on Frosty Paws. at least those last longer, giving more bang for the buck.

I never tried Frosty Paws, I will have to check it out.
I'll have to try one of those on Rocky, though he'll probably swallow it whole. I'll be holding you responsible for Rocky's brain freeze, missy!

Frosty Paws are just too expensive and there were too many weird ingredients for me to feel comfortable giving them ... some of that in those small yogurt cups. Cheap, easy and I know that they won't cause any digestive upsets.

frozen yogurt? that's a good idea. I have a teething bone that is filled with water and frozen. Both dogs love it so I am sure yogurt would be even better to them.
Why is it when given two identical toys/treats/chewies two dogs ... short end of the stick? What's the deal with that?

In my household, of the three dogs, only Scully, the female BC, will "start" a rawhide chewie. The other two ... of the untouched treats. I think she actually comes out ahead in the game, as measured by total chewie consumption.

smart girl!